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One of the questions we need to be asking ourselves regularly is, “Where is God leading Christ Presbyterian Church?” Because it is only as we seek God’s leading that we can ever hope to be of service to God’s kingdom.

In February, our Elders and Deacons took time on a Saturday morning to explore this very question. We asked ourselves what our church should look like five years from now in 2019. As we discussed the vision each person had, we found that several things became common to all our visions. After posting our thoughts on a flip chart, we asked each person present to mark his or her top three priorities. Actually we came up with the following four:

  1. We have a Spirit-filled worship in a growing church with attendance of 200 or more
  2. We are continuing our God glorifying music program
  3. We offer a variety of programs for Youth/Families/Seniors
  4. We provide basic Bible Study for all ages

Then we asked ourselves, “What do we need to be doing now in 2014 to reach our vision for 2019?” The first thing we all agreement on was we need a “commitment” to prayer for the future of CPC. Again, prayer goes back to asking God for guidance in all our actions and activities. It also means praying for one another as members of this congregation. And it means praying for our community and how God would have us interact with our friends and neighbors. I also ask for your prayers for me as I seek to bring God’s will to my life and to the life of this congregation. Prayer is the essential element to discerning God’s leading into our future.

We are now in the Season of Lent, a time of reflection and renewal on what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. The events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday demonstrate beyond a doubt God’s unfailing love for us. Because of all that Christ has done and is doing we can depend on him to show us how we are to move forward as we seek together to share his Good News for the world where God has placed us.

You can find the full list of our immediate actions for 2014 along with our Mission Statement and the visions for 2019 in this copy of the Herald. Take time to review these action items and ask how God might use you to help us move toward our future. If there is an action you feel should be added, let one of your Elders or Deacons know so we can discern together what God has planned for us.

I know God has great plans for CPC here in Carson Valley. Let us be open to all that God has in store. As we seek God’s will, we know our future will be bright.

Thanks for all that each of you brings to CPC.

Pastor Carl

Author: Tom Fugate

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