August 27, 2023

Love and Loyalty

Woman holding a handful of grain that forms the shape of a heart.

Today’s message recounts the story of Naomi and Ruth. Ruth’s story of redemption parallels the manner in which the Lord has redeemed us, showcasing His power, love, and grace. Ruth’s loyalty, love, and faith are virtuous qualities that we, as Christians, should aspire to. Her example of goodness, hard work, loyalty, and faithfulness is worth emulating. God is at work in the day-to-day activities of every person. We all face life’s challenges. We can be sure that God is weaving a story of redemption out of all the details of our lives. God is our own Kinsman Redeemer. Ruth is a symbol for all believers; she was redeemed, and was loved by God. We too share in being redeemed and loved by God. We haven’t done anything to deserve it, yet we receive His grace every day.

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