November 12, 2023

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Holy Bible and cross

Worship Service on November 12, 2023.

In our message today we take a look at some good, bad and ugly aspects of our culture. We can appreciate good cultural practices such as self sacrifice. We must avoid bad practices such as substituting the chanting of mantras for Christian prayer. We must avoid the ugliness of progressive Christianity that seeks to strip Jesus of his divinity and the gospel message of its power.

We as Christians need to be aware of what is out there in the world and what we are facing with things that are disguised as Christianity. We need to stay true to the teachings of the Bible and not to the teachings of the cultures of the world today. We need to be vigilant against those out there who claim to be Christian but really are part of the world’s cultures. Anytime you have doubts, go to that wonderful book, the Holy Bible. It along with the Holy Spirit will guide us on the right path.

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