December 11, 2023

What About Joseph?

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in a stable

Worship Service on December 10, 2023

Much emphasis in the Christmas story is placed on the Virgin Mary, but today we take a look at Joseph. This righteous man, faced with a scandalous situation, chose compassion over condemnation, quietly resolving to protect Mary’s honor. His decision was a silent sermon on mercy, a prelude to the love his stepson would later preach.

Joseph’s story resounds with the divine command: “Do Not Be Afraid.” When an angelic message came to him, Joseph took a monumental leap of faith. By embracing Mary and her unborn child, he stepped past the letter of the law into the spirit of God’s love.

As we consider Joseph’s faith, let us also be open to hearing God’s voice, prompting us to act with courage and trust. May we find in Joseph’s example the inspiration to take our own leaps of faith, guided by righteousness and compassion.

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