February 11, 2024

Who is a Saint?

Hands of a saint raised in prayer with a cross in the background

Worship Service on Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Who is a saint? Every Christian is a saint. Many people think of saints as men and women who are especially holy or who have been canonized by an official church body. God has a different perspective on sainthood. Sainthood is not reserved for someone who has led an exemplary life. If you love Christ, you are a saint.

Counting the privilege of being a saint, we also have the responsibility of living a holy life. We need to live in a manner worthy of being called a saint. We are under an obligation to live according to God’s law. We have the power given to us through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. We know that we aren’t perfect, but if we strive to keep God’s commandments through prayer and obedience to His word, the characteristics of a saint will be obvious in our lives and to those around us. We must be committed to Jesus Christ in order to attain and remain in sainthood. We know that by Jesus’ death and resurrection from the dead, when God looks at us, he sees perfection because of His son, Jesus Christ. We should also be very grateful that God has chosen us to be saints.

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