January 21, 2024

You Are Wondrously Made


Worship Service on Sunday, January 21, 2024

Just like snowflakes, you too are uniquely and wondrously made. Each tiny snowflake begins with something as unremarkable as a speck of dust, yet through an extraordinary transformation, it becomes a unique and intricate masterpiece. This process is a powerful reminder of the creative work of God in your life. Like the snowflakes, you may feel small or flawed, carrying your own specks of dust within, which the Bible refers to as sin. The Good News is that God’s love and the sacrifice of Jesus make you pure and clean, wiping away your imperfections and wrapping you in His righteousness, much like the way snow covers the landscape around you. When you feel down or insignificant, remember that God specializes in creating beauty from the mundane. He sees beyond your faults and transforms you into something beautiful for His glory. So embrace the message of purity and redemption that each falling snowflake whispers to you, and let it remind you of God’s immense care and love. You can celebrate the fact that, through forgiveness and grace, you are made wondrously in the very image of God Himself.

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